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Re: Location for user installed plugin libraries and icons

Jon Gough wrote:
The user install plugins can vary between very simple with a config file and a couple of icons up to complex with large data >1GB and hundreds of icons.

So, if debs must not touch files in $HOME but is allowed to create files there (is that not a contradiction?) where else could the 'system' files be placed?

The actual .deb *package* (by way of the programs that install/uninstall packages) may not make changes to files under $HOME.

The program *within* a .deb may (and in many cases is expected to) create. alter, and/or delete some selection of files in $HOME.

If a plugin is to be considered a "system" addition, it must be packaged (either with the main program, or as a separate optional package). Otherwise it's not a system file so far as the packaging system is concerned.

Is there a process that allows the deb to 'clean up' the application when the application is uninstalled, in particular any 'install' artefacts that have been installed by plugins?

Not really. The Firefox package, for instance, won't clear up the leftover cache data, bookmarks, and other configuration from users' $HOME when uninstalled - including things like addons the user may have installed direct from the Mozilla addons site.


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