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Re: Location for user installed plugin libraries and icons

On 8/5/21 10:51 pm, Sven Hartge wrote:
Jon Gough <jonsgough@gmail.com> wrote:

    So, any user installable application extension/plugin which has
executables and supporting data is left behind on the system when the
owning application is removed or updated using the system installation
process? This is accepted behaviour?
Yes, this is accepted behaviour, because the system does not know if the
user uses the file for anything else. Maybe $HOME is mounted from the
network and the application using the files is still being used on a
different system.

Shouldn't applications clean up after themselves and not leave user
systems with junk lying around?


This suggests that for most plugins the plugin manager should facilitate finding and installing the plugins and should probably have two installation methodologies, one for simple plugins with very small executable and data (non-user) footprint and one for complex plugins with large executables and/or data (non-user). The simple one could be based on unzipping a file and placing it in the $HOME directory structure, the complex one could be based on 'deb' using system services to install the plugin in system areas and only having user data in the $HOME directory structure. This would then allow the system to manage the removal of the non-user components when/if the main application is removed.

Thanks for your help in clarifying this.


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