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Re: location of arch-dependent python module

> CMake is not the usual choice of upstream build system for Python
> modules

This is a module written in C++, for which CMake makes a lot of sense
(the tool originally did not have Python bindings at all).

> It looks like this is the solution that you were referring to:
> https://github.com/kpeeters/cadabra2/commit/189a587c37771def45ef7ad1f373f5081a075fe1

Yes. I'll post on debian-python to see if there's anything better.

> BTW: it looks like there are tools in pybind11 for CMake:

It does seem to have some functionality to obtain the SOABI name but it
does not decide on the installation path, as far as I can see (I
suspect it will not pick dist-packages over site-packages, for


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