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Re: location of arch-dependent python module

> The default tools should do that automatically, which ones are you
> using and how did you solve it with them?

The problem is finding the right default solution in the right default
tool ;-)

On a serious note, my software builds on various platforms/distros and
I need packages for as many of them as possible (I can't just rely on
volunteers to do the packaging for individual platforms because I want
to be able to distribute bleeding-edge packages myself too). So I took
the CPack route to help with that. I may well have missed some
documentation, but to the best of my knowledge CPack or CMake do not
have a simple facility (or have only gained that recently) to 'build a
python module from C++ code using pybind11 and install that in the
right place'. 

I can of course use a Debian-specific toolset to do the installation,
but that doesn't really solve my problem because it still leaves the
same issues on other platforms. So at the moment my CMakeLists.txt
contains a couple of ugly call-outs to python to get the site path and
SO ABI, but at least it works everywhere.

I would be more than happy to learn of a more elegant solution though.


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