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Bug#809520: RFS: trend/1.2-2

On 01/01/16 01:32, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> I'd rather look up where you got the .orig.tar.gz file, gbp doesn't
> really deal with it here.

Even when pristine-tar is enabled?
pristine-tar isn't [yet] in this case, as I used import-dscs.

> I mean, of course I'm just going to use the one already in the archive
> for this, and you don't need to use -sa in this case (given that this is
> -2 and the file is already in the archive, everything is going to just
> use that), but I find worrying/weird that you have a different file.

mentors doesn't accept an upload without source (I was refused while
doing so), so I'm forced to do this here.

>>>   + why did you add -Dsrc to the dh command?
>> The main Makefile is inside src/, and I'd avoid to use override_ for
>> most targets. Do you have a better suggestion?

By the way, the current dh manpage uses --sourcedirectory (I cannot find
-D anymore), so I'm using that now.

I'm also a bit thorn about the dh_installchangelogs override.
I now install NEWS with the regular debian/docs.

>>> and btw, before me becoming DD I learned to push the debian/ tags to git
>>> only once the package is uploaded (otherwise now you'll need to
>>> overwrite it...)
>> I didn't realize this was a possibility.
>> It's my first time using both collab-maint and gbp.
> don't worry :)

So what's the policy about fixing this (and the above) in the for the
future repository? I mean, should I squash useless history?

>> I'll have a go at the rest and ping you when it's ready.
> take you time, and thanks for doing it!

Updated the source, deleted the old tag (for now), and uploaded again on

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