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Bug#809520: RFS: trend/1.2-2

On 01/01/16 01:12, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> though, I'm not satisfied yet:
> * the orig.tar.gz you used to build this release is different than the
>   one in the archive.  it's bigger.  I haven't checked why, but I just
>   can't upload it.

I suspect because my connection is flaky, and had to dput twice
(probably between an incoming scan). I'll have a check. I'm using gbp
buildpackage -sa, so I do not expect issues.

> * in Vcs-Browser please use https and point to the cgit web frontend
> * the changelog is really terse.  please add something about the
>   following changes:
>   + use source format 3.0 (quilt) (I guess that's under the "switch to
>     quilt", but it's not clear enough for me.  Also the, "switch to
>     debhelper 9" should be something like "bump debhelper compat version
>     to 9", after all, debhelper version 9 was here even before the
>     compat bump...)
>   + enable hardening
>   + why did you add -Dsrc to the dh command?

The main Makefile is inside src/, and I'd avoid to use override_ for
most targets. Do you have a better suggestion?

> and btw, before me becoming DD I learned to push the debian/ tags to git
> only once the package is uploaded (otherwise now you'll need to
> overwrite it...)

I didn't realize this was a possibility.
It's my first time using both collab-maint and gbp.

I'll have a go at the rest and ping you when it's ready.

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