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Re: how to manage d/changelog for updated but not yet sponsored package

Jakub Wilk <jwilk@debian.org> writes:

> * Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au>, 2012-02-13, 13:40:
>>> I want to keep trace of it in the d/changelog by keeping my first
>>> version entry and adding a second entry. Can I do that ? Will it
>>> confuse some Debian robots ?
>> It's fine. I consider uploading the package to ‘mentors.debian.net’
>> a release of the package, since at that point interested people
>> (e.g. reviewers) can rely on it, and the version should refer
>> uniquely to what I uploaded at that time.
>> Be aware, though, that some people disagree (on the grounds that
>> it's not a new version until it enters Debian).
> I believe that vast majority of sponsors disagree.

Personally, I like the middleground best (though, I haven't been
practicsing this yet, but this is how things would work in my ideal
world): upload to mentors.d.n with incremental versions (when it makes
sense; if the reviewer/potential sponsor spots a bug in a version not
announced, that version is safe to resue as far as I'm concerned), but
fold it into one entry when uploading to Debian proper.

${VERSION}-${N}~mentors${X} for mentors, ${VERSION}-${N} for Debian
proper. A little more work on both sides, but we get the best of both
worlds with as little of the worst as possible.


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