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Re: upstream changelog in XML format

Jerome BENOIT <g6299304p@rezozer.net> writes:
>>> Is there a better way to deal with this `Changes.xml' ?
>>> I guess that I can add some stuff in the makefile to convert it in text
>>> format:
>>> do specific tools exist to convert this kind of changelog in text format ?
>> If I were you, I'd ask upstream about that
> I have just sent a couple of questions about it to the upstream maintainer.

If the upstream maintainer is slow to reply, you could always write some
simple xsl to convert this to a text changelog format. I've just scanned
through the file and it looks simple enough... Not sure if this is "too
hands on" for what a packager should be doing though.

Also, presumably upstream has some xsl tools for parsing this, otherwise
they wouldn't be forcing themselves to write so many angle brackets! :-)


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