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Re: upstream changelog in XML format

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 1:08 AM, Jerome BENOIT <g6299304p@rezozer.net> wrote:
> Hello List:
> I am working on the bibtool package.
>  The changelog of the upstream package is in XML format and is named
> `Changes.xml'.
> Right now, I manage it by adding an override in the debian/rules file:
> override_dh_installchangelogs:
>  dh_installchangelogs --keep Changes.xml
> Nevertheless, nothing is really done, in particular `Changes.xml' is not
> converted in text.
> I put the `--keep' option because I suspect that this kind of changelog file
> is a well know
> format in some `field' (even if I can not figure out which `field').

Hmm. According to policy (section 12.7 of  version

|      If an upstream changelog is available, it should be accessible as
|      `/usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.gz' in plain text.  If the
|      upstream changelog is distributed in HTML, it should be made available
|      in that form as `/usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.html.gz' and a
|      plain text `changelog.gz' should be generated from it using, for
|      example, `lynx -dump -nolist'.  If the upstream changelog files do not
|      already conform to this naming convention, then this may be achieved
|      either by renaming the files, or by adding a symbolic link, at the
|      maintainer's discretion.[1]

This would seem to imply that you shouldn't be installing a file named
"changelog.gz" containing anything other than (gzipped) plain text.  I
think that, if you install it, you should probably install it as

> Is there a better way to deal with this `Changes.xml' ?
> I guess that I can add some stuff in the makefile to convert it in text
> format:
> do specific tools exist to convert this kind of changelog in text format ?

If I were you, I'd ask upstream about that, or (since a quick google
shows that this is a TeX-related program) ask about it on
<http://tex.stackexchange.com> (a Q&A site about TeX with loads of
extremely helpful people on it).

Then, I'd pass the (html or plaintext) output of any such tool to
dh_installchangelogs, rather than passing Changes.xml.

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