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Re: RFS: python-poster (was: NMU done but unresponsive maintainer)

Hi Jakub,

If I understand it correctly none of the changes I've made are
acceptable for an NMU. That's fine by me, as l'm just trying to get a
newer version that is free of the bug due to which I have to duplicate
code. If fixing part of the Lintian warnings are not fit for a NMU,
I'll gladly not do it ;)

Just a question though:
> +  * debian/watch:
> +    - Add `debian uupdate` after the URL
> Heavens forbid!

Could you please elaborate? Do you mean that this is not appropriate
for a NMU, or in general?
Motivation for this change: footnote 83 [0] of the Debian New
Maintainers' Guide:

"If the uscan command downloads the updated source but it does not run
the uupdate command, you should correct the debian/watch file to have
debian uupdate at the end of the URL."

Thanks for looking at it, though!

[0] http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/update.en.html#ftn.id486282

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