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Re: What to do about the situation with id3v2

On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 01:54, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:
> Draining the audio file tag reading swamp can only be a good idea.
> Please get some more testing done (by debian-user or where-ever)
> before you embark on this project.

Do you think it would be a reasonable approach to put together a
working version of this and upload it to experimental? Or should I try
to focus in finding testers outside of Debian?

I'm asking because I think it's going to be non-trivial to find people
who are willing to test a new tool that solves a problem which, for
many people, doesn't seem to be extremely urgent.

Anyway, if somebody on this list is interested in trying it out, you
can get the current source code at http://src.ott.net/id3v2/ - most
things (the build system, the included debian/ directory etc.) are
still identical to upstream id3v2 but would of course be cleaned up if
I were to actually try and do this right.

Any feedback would be highly welcome.

Stefan Ott

"You are not Grey Squirrel?"

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