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Re: What to do about the situation with id3v2

Am 25.09.2011 18:12, schrieb Stefan Ott:
I'm asking because I think it's going to be non-trivial to find people
who are willing to test a new tool that solves a problem which, for
many people, doesn't seem to be extremely urgent.

Anyway, if somebody on this list is interested in trying it out, you
can get the current source code at http://src.ott.net/id3v2/ - most
things (the build system, the included debian/ directory etc.) are
still identical to upstream id3v2 but would of course be cleaned up if
I were to actually try and do this right.

Any feedback would be highly welcome.


I just had to change the album names of 200 files from different sources. If you edit tags of so many mp3s, there are always some files with problems. I used your newest version of id3v2 and it worked very well. Even where the tag could not be read or changed by the tool (maybe it was ape tags or something) and other tools didn't succeed, using id3v2 to remove the tag and then write a new one worked. I'll let you know if I encounter a problem with the tool in the future.

Best regards,

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