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Re: Best practice for changelog file

Vsevolod Velichko wrote:

> Dear Charles,
> this the very thing I want to do, but as far as I can understand, I
> should replace that variables myself, am I right? When I try to put
> the variables in debian/changelog, dpkg-buildpackage fails with error:
> dpkg-buildpackage: source version 1.1.0-7~bpo${debian_release}+${build_int}
> dpkg-buildpackage: error: version number contains illegal character `$'
> I realize that I can add new ~bpoXX record into changelog myself each
> time I'm building new version, but I want to find if there any way to
> do it automatically during build-time?
> Obviously, I could use some build-script that would use sed to replace
> version in changelog and then run dpkg-buildpackage, but this way
> seems to be a not clear workaround.

$ dch -l mysuperawesomenewversion
$ debuild

Best wishes,

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