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Re: RFS: libmk4-2

On 2011-02-24, roucaries bastien <roucaries.bastien+debian@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Do you intend to maintain this library in Debian if/after this fix for
>> akregator is uploaded?
> I will made the fix myself. It is a medium term fix. Long term fix it
> to reimplement akregator using akonadi but it a huge work (see kmail).
> I plan to maintain metakit until fixed akregator go removed to old
> stable.
> akragator use a embeded copy of metakit and I plan to use the so lib
> instead of static linking.

We have been carefully diffing your metakit with the metakit shipped by
Akregator, and have a hard time seeing what fix you have made, and what
it is supposed to do. If you can enlighten us, and convince us about the
fix, we can add the patch to akregator.

As far as I can see, there is no reason to keep a separate metakit
package when the only usage in the archive is in akregator.

There is people starting up upstream in finishing the long term fix, and
I'm sure they would welcome your help.


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