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Re: RFS: volumeicon


>> debian/copyright
>>   Consider switching to DEP5
> Hadn't heard of this, but it looks both fancy and good. Done.

Great! :) It's nice for making stuff machine parse-able.


> The source can be built *either* for OSS or for ALSA; when built for OSS, one of the library references doesn't line up with Debian's file structure, so this patch changed it. Presently, however, I'm building only the ALSA version, so this patch is unnecessary. Removed.

Cool. Upstream might want to know about the bug so that it can be
fixed for someone actually trying to use OSS ( but you're right,
secondary to your role as a debian packager ) :)


>>   consider using the Vcs-* control fields, they are quite helpful
>>   to people looking at the package, or apt-get source folks.
>>   Also, the PTS picks up on it, which is nice.
> Upstream doesn't have any sort of version control for this project. A quick Googling suggests that this is, however, for version control on the Debian site, which is neat. However, it looks like only DD's get accounts on collab-maint. Should I go ahead and include the git link, then ask my future sponsor to turn on the repository?

You can have it created for you -- I'm not sure ( now that I think
about it ) if you need the package uploaded or not to have it made.
Worth looking into ( your future sponsor will let you know ;) ) for

>>   The Suggests line is also for applications that work well with this
>>   package, not applications that do similar things. I'd remove that
>> line ( unless of course, volumeicon may use those in some way, in
>> which case it's OK to keep ).
> Volume Icon just provides a status icon and a single volume slider. However, it has the option to invoke a real mixer application on click, so I SUGGESTed a few of these.

100% perfect rational :)

> I did notice one problem with the build system that I don't know how to
> diagnose, which I expect you will see too. Perhaps you can comment on
> it: dpkg-shlibdeps throws a slew of warnings of the form "warning:
> dependency on libfontconfig.so.1 could be avoided if
> "debian/volumeicon/usr/bin/volumeicon" were not uselessly linked
> against it (they use none of its symbols)." There are no explicit references
> to the many, many libraries it mentions in the code, so I'm not
> sure where these links are coming from.

Ah, that means that you're doing a -lfontconfig, but it's not being
called anywhere in the code. It's a warning from your linker, just
letting you know that the ELF will be linked against something that
can (and should) be removed.

You can tweek the build flags for that guy (totally worth doing!)

> Thanks again for taking the time to take a look!
> --Andrew

Did the build, I did not see the error. Logs here[1]. Still worth
looking into :)

Built with pbuilder -- 0.198ubuntu2, with a natty chroot, on maverick, i686

[1]: http://pastebin.com/sWmAi9KJ

Good luck ( and keep up the great attitude! )


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