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Re: installing an end user editable file

In <AANLkTikBeVcyM4H=0d3-xfU4pniHQ9qkCzp7mLAE3JDX@mail.gmail.com>, james frize 
>Basically I'm copying over a text file that has a list of web links
>in, after the program is installed the file needs to be edited by the
>end user, so I'm trying to put the file in a place where a regular
>user would have permission to both read and write to the text file.

Which user?  All users?  Should each user have a separate copy?

Normally, per-user configuration files would be created by that user.  An 
example could go into /usr/share/<packagename> where a user could copy it into 
their home directory.  You could also install something into /etc/skel; the 
contents of this directory are normally copied into a new user's home 
directory when the user is created.

Keep in mind that that while many Debian installations are effectively single-
user, that Debian is designed to support multiple users and to move cleanly 
from having one real user to many real users.
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