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Re: RFS: Cool Reader

Hi, Vadim.

Please, just continue keeping me CC'ed. I am not currently subscribed to

On Feb 13 2011, buggins wrote:
> Hello Rogério,
> I've already updated package (fixed issues suggested by Anton Gladky)


> ========== Start quote ==============
> I've fixed lintinan pedantic findings, changed target to unstable, wrote
> machine-readable copyright.
> The package can be found on mentors.debian.net:
> - URL: http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/c/cr3
> - Source repository: deb-src http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main
> contrib non-free
> - dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/c/cr3/cr3_3.0.43-12.dsc

Great. I just downloaded it.

> > * code compilation complains about warnings, some of them can be
> serious (it is up to you)
> I've checked warnings and found nothing serious. Will clean them up later.

Some of the problems with reallocating a larger piece of memory may be
critical, especially with embedded computers or phones.

BTW, a new version of cppcheck was just uploaded to unstable and it would be
nice if you could run those.

> I have some questions.
> Some parts of source package are really not used for debian build (e.g.
> wxWidgets frontend, Android frontend, snapshots of zlib, libjpeg, libpng,
> libfreetype libraries).


> Is it ok to leave them in source package?
> Should I add licensing details to debian/copyright for zlib, libjpeg,
> libpng, libfreetype libraries? (not used in debian build)

Yes, it is OK to leave them in the source package, but you have to state the
license in debian/copyright and, in any case that you have sources with
conflicting licenses, state that what you are doing is OK, since you are not
using them.

>     * Formats: epub (non-DRM), fb2, txt, rtf, html, chm, tcr formats
> supported, can read books directly from zip archives
>     * Most complete FB2 format support: styles, tables, footnotes
>     * Styles can be customized in wide range using external CSS (subset of
> CSS2 and CSS3)
>     * Hyphenation dictionaries (from AlReader or FBReader)
>     * Pages or scroll view
>     * Table of contents
>     * Text search
>     * Recent books list
>     * Bookmarks (including comments or corrections for text range)
>     * Automatic reformatting of .txt files (autodetect headings etc.)
>     * Customizable look & feel, font face/size/weight, colors for text and
> background, images for backgrounds (tiled or stretched)
>     * Font kerning, anti-aliasing
>     * Optional floating punctuation on right text bound for justified text
> (punctuation and hyphenation signs moved outside right text block bound, for
> better visual alignment)
>     * Formatted book is swapped/cached to file, and can be reopened very
> fast. Also, this feature allows to open books larger than available RAM
> size.

You should add those features to the long description. They are very useful
to know when deciding which package one should install.

> CoolReader can be considered as competitor of FBReader.
> Provides features missing in FBReader: tables, footnotes, CSS styles.

You may tell that in the long description also, but such a comment may

> Screenshots are available on http://www.coolreader.org/

Perhaps you may want to use that page in the Homepage field of the control
file instead of the one from sourceforge?

Also, when your package gets accepted, you may want to choose one screenshot
and upload it to http://screenshots.debian.net.

> > You should state the version of the GPL that you are using.
> It uses GPL-2. Should I repost RFS? Wouldn't it be considered as
> spam/flood?

Yes, you *will* have to repost a RFS whenever you update the package. Just
keep in mind that some sponsors *don't* like to see the debian revision
incremented until the package reaches the main Debian repository.

Regarding the license, is it GPL-2 or GPL-2+? If a sponsor runs the
licensecheck program on the crengine directory, he/she will get a lot of "No
copyright" or "UNKNOWN" messages.

Just stick some boilerplate in those files and you're done.

> > As another point that the potential sponsors would, perhaps, want to
> > know is the language in which the program was written, because many have
> > restrictions to some languages.
> > A quick glance at the git repository that you informed shows that it is
> > written in C++.
> Yes, it's written in C++.  Main part is XML/CSS rendering engine,
> CREngine, used by different frontends.

OK. Please, put the indication of the language in the RFS, so potential
sponsors can decide if they want to upload or not.

> There are Qt and wxWidgets frontends for desktop.
> (Qt version is under development, wxWidgets is not supported).

As a side comment: It's great to have a Qt frontend, especially since the
Nokia N900 comes with it and that would mean one fewer dependency to

> I'll try to fix cppcheck findings and compilation warnings.


> Once it's done, should I repost RFS for the package?

Yes, definitely.

Hope this helps,

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