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Re: RFS: python-gearman

Hi Sandro,

On 10-02-11 22:17, Sandro Tosi wrote:
Hi Oxan,

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 16:08, Oxan van Leeuwen<oxan@oxanvanleeuwen.nl>  wrote:
I've removed the XB-Python-Version from d/control. Just out of curiousity,
do you have any pointers to a current policy regarding these fields? I can
only find old ones that are a bit conflicting.

the python policy: /usr/share/doc/python/python-policy.txt.gz od the
other formats in the same dir

Yeah, the newest version of that file in the archive (2.2.6-10 from experimental) still recommends using ${python:Provides} and the XB-Python-Version line, so that's why I'm confused.

Btw, I get two warnings from
dpkg now when building the packages:
warning: package python-gearman: unused substitution variable
warning: package python-gearman: unused substitution variable

don't worry about them: they say the variable is empty, so I'm not
going to write a field with no value; that's fine, because if for some
transition or so we need to populate those variables, they are already
there, but for now, they serves nothing, so they are also harmless.


Given I found nothing else to delay... I uploaded your package! Thanks
for your work in Debian!

That's great! Let's see how things go in the archive :)


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