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Re: RFS: free42

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 09:49:31AM -0500, Jean Schurger wrote:
> I would like to simplify the debian/rules using (dh $@) but i think
> i don't understand clearly what is mean. Upstream sources does not
> use autotools. Is (dh $@) still applicable ? I think i'm missing
> something.

Yes, it can be applied. The idea is for example that the "install"
target will do default actions (call make install, build temporary
directories, compress files, build deb…) except when you "override" a
part. Moreover, certain parts follow a certain template : create empty
directories, move files, etc. So they can be moved out of the
Makefile, in package.dirs, package.install files, and so on.

The mailing list does not seem to allow attachments, so I sent you a
patch set that does exactly that. I factored your debian/rules to do
the minimum in it, and use debhelper for the rest (it might be
possible to reduce it further with dh --sourcedirectory=gtk but I am
not sure). I kept the patches separate so that you can follow the

Oh, and I moved doc/free42/README.gtk to doc/free42/README as this is
the general purpose readme file for this package.


Etienne Millon

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