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Re: Writing manpages: patch submitted to Developers Reference.

Dear all,

I submitted the attached patch as bug #557298. Thanks to everybody who
contributed to this thread, and have a nice week-end!

Index: best-pkging-practices.dbk
--- best-pkging-practices.dbk	(révision 6986)
+++ best-pkging-practices.dbk	(copie de travail)
@@ -1484,6 +1484,20 @@
 role="package">doc-base</systemitem> package documentation for more
+Debian policy (section 12.1) directs that manual pages should accompany every
+program, utility, and function, and suggests them for other objects like
+configuration files. If the work you are packaging does not have such manual
+pages, consider writing them for inclusion in your package, and submitting them
+The manpages do not need to be written directly in the troff format.  Popular
+source formats are Docbook, POD and reST, which can be converted using
+<command>xsltproc</command>, <command>pod2man</command> and
+<command>rst2man</command> respectively. To a lesser extent, the <command>
+help2man</command>program can also be used to write a stub.
 <section id="bpp-other">

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