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Re: Lintian pickiness and packaging improvements

On Thu, Oct 22 2009, Rogério Brito wrote:

> On Oct 22 2009, Raphael Geissert wrote:
>> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> >         I also think that style issues should not be a part of even
>> >  Pedantic checks. If a package is using a different, and arguably
>> >  better style, then lintian should keep its nose out.
>> If there's a better style I guess nobody would object to consider recommend
>> it or at least make sure lintian doesn't complain about it.
> Couldn't we have a category of warning/checks that is labelled
> "stylistic"?

        Whose style would you choose? I am all for idea if it is _my_
 style which is selected, and every one else's style will be warned

> That way, all odd-ball stylistic changes could be separated from
> pedantic and enabled with an even wider range of things (like the
> trailing-whitespace-at-eol issue, files that don't end with newline
> etc).

        Different people have different styles. And electing to use one
 style over the other does not make a worse package, there is nothing
 that needs fixing here.  Package helpers, patch systems or  feature
 CVCS branches, emacs vs vi ....

> I hope that you get the idea.

        I hope you do too.

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