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Re: Any "efficient" way to specify target arches?

Rogério Brito wrote:
> Hi, David.
> On Aug 29 2009, David Claughton wrote:
>> What kind of package is it, a kernel module?
> No, it's not.

Sorry, what I was getting at was "what makes your package linux
specific?" as you were a bit vague in your post.  It's clear now.

> But even if it were, how would an "efficient" way of specifying the
> Linux arches or the BSD arches or anything tied to a kernel that Debian
> may support?
>> Most "normal" packages should work OK on bsd and hurd.  I don't think
>> it matters if it's not very useful on these archs as long as it runs
>> OK.

My turn to be vague ;-)  What I meant was, there is (unless I'm
seriously mistaken) no way currently of specifying "any arch except
these" because there are probably only a few packages that would need
such a facility.

Add to this the fact that prior to squeeze there were no non-linux
release archs so 'any' worked OK up to now.  It may be the introduction
of kfreebsd will be the "kick" needed for someone to enhance dpkg to
allow for this.  It might be worth a wishlist bug, if you haven't
already raised one.

> The package is avr-evtd.
> It is tied to some ioctls that are only available on Linux (and the
> compatibility layer of FreeBSD doesn't "cover" them).  Actually, it is
> very hardware-dependent (for certain embedded devices).
> That's the situation about FreeBSD. I'm not even sure about the Hurd.
> So, that's the reason why I'm asking for a way of uploading the package
> and not having it bomb when given to the buildd's, as it is Not-For-Us.

I see you've already contacted the bsd list, so I'll defer to their
vastly superior intellect ;-)  It might be they know how to patch around
the problem.

I'd continue to not worry about Hurd if I were you, unless I missed an
announcement it's not very likely to be a release arch for squeeze ;-)



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