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Re: Any "efficient" way to specify target arches?

Hi, David.

On Aug 29 2009, David Claughton wrote:
> What kind of package is it, a kernel module?

No, it's not.

But even if it were, how would an "efficient" way of specifying the
Linux arches or the BSD arches or anything tied to a kernel that Debian
may support?

> Most "normal" packages should work OK on bsd and hurd.  I don't think
> it matters if it's not very useful on these archs as long as it runs
> OK.

The package is avr-evtd.

It is tied to some ioctls that are only available on Linux (and the
compatibility layer of FreeBSD doesn't "cover" them).  Actually, it is
very hardware-dependent (for certain embedded devices).

That's the situation about FreeBSD. I'm not even sure about the Hurd.
So, that's the reason why I'm asking for a way of uploading the package
and not having it bomb when given to the buildd's, as it is Not-For-Us.


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