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Re: UNS: Re: RFS: lshell (3rd try)

Hola Ignace Mouzannar!

El 27/07/2009 a las 12:19 escribiste:
> >  - You are creating a group lshellg in postinst using groupadd, without
> >   checking the group existance, this would fail on reinstall, or upgrade, so,
> >   you to check the existance of the group, you should use addgroup instead of
> >   groupadd, the group should be called lshell, and it must be a system group
> >   (--system in addgroup). Or you can decide to use adm or nogroup.
> This has been corrected.

There a few ways to check if a group exists, calling sg group_name true is a
creative one, I not against the solution, but using getent group
group_name is probably a more traditional approach used in a few other
packages, in general, it's good to accept the de facto standard.

> The debian/rules file has been modified to use debhelper without cdbs.

Great, I appreciate the effort, I didn't mean "do it right away", though.

Extra comments:
 - control claims Build-Dependency of debhelper >= 7, but compat says 5, one
   or the other is wrong, please fix it.
 - manpage:
   - Refers to group lshellg instead of lshell
   - Doesn't mention the default config file (/etc/lshell.conf)
   - ¿Why is there a section called TODO?
 - It would be great if you document how to use lshell inside a chroot, maybe
   even using makejail.

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