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Re: RFS: lshell (3rd try)

On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 00:51, Maximiliano Curia<maxy@gnuservers.com.ar> wrote:
> Hola Ignace Mouzannar!

Hola Maximiliano!

> A few comments, in decreasing severity order:
>  - You are creating a group lshellg in postinst using groupadd, without
>   checking the group existance, this would fail on reinstall, or upgrade, so,
>   you to check the existance of the group, you should use addgroup instead of
>   groupadd, the group should be called lshell, and it must be a system group
>   (--system in addgroup). Or you can decide to use adm or nogroup.

This has been corrected.

>  - The tar.gz provided is not the same file that upstream distributes (you had
>   probably recreated the tar.gz)

This has been corrected.

>  - The license states GPL 2 or any later version, the copyright file refers
>   the user to the GPL-3 license, while this can hardly be a problem, it might
>   be better to point the user to the GPL license

lshell is distributed under GPL v3 or any later version. I have
modified the debian/copyright file to mention the 3rd version of the

>  - I personally don't like using cdbs, I suggest you to also learn to package
>   using debhelper, as well

The debian/rules file has been modified to use debhelper without cdbs.

Thank you for your tips.

 Ignace Mouzannar

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