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Re: RFS: ozerocdoff

Hi Rogério,

Le mardi 14 avril 2009 à 21:08 -0300, Rogério Brito a écrit :
> Hi, Julien.
> I am not a DD, but I just saw your package.
> On Apr 14 2009, Julien Valroff wrote:
> > * URL             : http://www.pharscape.org/ozerocdoff.html
> The URL doesn't seem to be informative enough for an end user.

PharScape is on the contrary *the* only valuable source of information
for end users owning an Option USB WWWAN modem. I agree with you that
some parts of the website might appear cryptic at first sight, but if
you own such a modem, it really helps a lot.

As for the descriptions, I have amended them slightly as follows:
short description:
temporarily disables ZeroCD for USB Option WWAN modem

Long description:
 The new USB Option WWAN modem devices support a CDROM device, which holds
 the needed Windows driver to use the WWAN modem.
 Therefore the firmware of the WWAN modem announces during the USB enumeration
 process to work as a virtual CDROM device with its vendor name "ZOPTION".
 This device is now called ZERO-CD.
 ozerocdoff is a solution to switch off the ZERO-CD and allow the modem to
 be a used as a modem.

Actually, I have completed the short description so that it states
keywords such as Option and modem.

I have corrected the grammatical errors in the long description, but
haven't changed it as it seems clear to me. But as I use this piece of
software, I would be glad to receive others' comments to improve it.


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