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Re: RFS: kio-ftps (updated package)

2009/4/15 Laurent Léonard <laurent@open-minds.org>:

> So the final version number for the package should be 0.2+dfsg-2 (0.2-1
> already exists in Sid) ?


> What is the difference between ".dfsg", "-dfsg" and "+dfsg" suffixes ? With or
> without the "-" character after "dfsg" ?

Sorting. 1.2.dfsg sorts after 1.2.1 but 1.2+dfsg/1.2-dfsg/1.2dfsg sort
before 1.2.1. See dpkg --compare-versions and debian-policy.

> The only reason I see that could be invoked to drop, or 0.2dfsg1-2 or similar "*~" files is the archive
> size, I'm not sure it is justifiable for a 50 KB archive...

If you're already repacking due to non-free stuff you can remove
whatever else you want to remove.

> I'm almost sure it is impossible to reupload the source tarball, I read that
> somewhere in the documentation. And it seems to be logic if several package
> revisions use a diff file based on it.

If you bump the upstream version (by appending dfsg1 or similar) that
means a new upstream tarball.



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