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Re: RFS: vbackup

Hello Vincent,

Just found your reply in google groups. (Please please please please CC me 
too :-) (please?))

> > I also have a question. Should I change anything else in debian/rules to
> >
>  > indicate that this is not an architecture dependend package? I don't
>  > like seeing the file: vbackup_0.1.6-2_i386.changes (why i386 and not
>  > all?). Everything is listed as binary-indep but should I also modify the
>  > configure line to remove --host, --build, CFLAGS and LDFLAGS?
> No,   your   package   is   currently  arch   independant   because   in
>  debian/control, you  have "Architecture: all".  The arch in  .changes is
>  the arch used to compile the packages. Your .deb is:
>   vbackup_0.1.6.1-1_all.deb

OK. I suppose that when you say "compile" you mean something 
like "prepare", "package", etc...

> > The latest version (-2) is available in mentors.
> I  wait for  you  to add  back  lines about  putting  a more  up-to-date
>  config.sub and  config.guess. They are  not outdated right now  but they
>  could be in some distant future.

I restored the lines but I don't quite understand your comment. 
Since config.sub and config.guess are not used by vbackup at all why are they 
needed for debian? vbackup is a set of shell scripts and currently there is 
no intention to include code that requires compilation.

I've sent the 3rd version to mentors but it didn't show at the web interface. 
Looking at ftp://mentors.debian.net/ I see that there are other packages left 
in the same condition too. Is this expected behaviour ?

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