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Re: RFS: vbackup

OoO Peu avant le début de l'après-midi du samedi 13 septembre 2008, vers
13:03, Stefanos Harhalakis <v13@v13.gr> disait :

> Just found your reply in google groups. (Please please please please CC me 
> too :-) (please?))

No problem but since the code of conduct of those mailing lists tells to
not crosspost to the original author,  I tend to forget add you back. If
possible, please ask on each email, this will be easier for me. :)

>> > The latest version (-2) is available in mentors.
>> I  wait for  you  to add  back  lines about  putting  a more  up-to-date
>> config.sub and  config.guess. They are  not outdated right now  but they
>> could be in some distant future.

> I restored the lines but I don't quite understand your comment. 
> Since config.sub and config.guess are not used by vbackup at all why are they 
> needed for debian? vbackup is a set of shell scripts and currently there is 
> no intention to include code that requires compilation.

Well, you  are right. :) I have  uploaded your -2 version  then since it
was right.

> I've sent the 3rd version to mentors but it didn't show at the web interface. 
> Looking at ftp://mentors.debian.net/ I see that there are other packages left 
> in the same condition too. Is this expected behaviour ?

There  are some problems  actually on  mentors.
Don't stop at one bug.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

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