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Re: RFS: dagger

On Sat, 26 Jul 2008 20:27:20 +0200
Stephan Windmüller <windy@white-hawk.de> wrote:

> On Sat, 26. Jul 2008, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> > Going further, you can drop 'written in Python', as the language in
> > which the program is written is not really relevant to the user in most
> > of the cases.
> I think it does not hurt, the description has a total length of three
> lines for now. Also other packages (e.g. burn) also mention the used
> programming language.

Of course other packages do this, but it doesn't mean it is the right
thing to do ;)

We have a really powerful tool, debtags, which can be used to describe
various aspects of a package, from the programming language used to
implement it, to the kind of files it is able to handle.

Putting any of the information which could be effectively described using
tags in the short or long description is completely redundant, and as such
should be avoided.

Andrea Bolognani <eof@kiyuko.org>
Resistance is futile, you will be garbage collected.

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