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Re: RFS: swedish (updated ispell and spell packages)

On Thursday 12 June 2008 17:59:25 Jeremiah C. Foster wrote:
> > On Wednesday 11 June 2008 17:49:38 Jeremiah C. Foster wrote:
> > > Done, the new "upstream" tarball is at
> > > http://jeremiahfoster.com:8080/swedish-1.4.5.tar.gz
> >
> > That tarball is roughly ten times the size of the last version.
> Yuck. I will fix that.
> > Please run
> > make distclean before generating a tarball, you don't need to distribute
> > all your generated files.
> Done. (The new tarball is 35k vs. the 140K of the other -2 tarball.)

Hi Jeremiah,

you're almost done ;-) However, the original tarball has not been changed, 
you've generated a .diff.gz with those changes. So, in order to create a new 
upstream tarball for version 1.4.5, please do the following steps:

1. Get the tarball swedish_1.4.4.tar.gz and unpack it
2. Remove the debian directory and the file "konfigfil"
3. Apply the patch from bug #186072
4. Do the transliteration of directory and file names
5. Rename the top directory from swedish-1.4.4 to swedish-1.4.5
6. Create a new tarball with the following command:
   tar czf swedish_1.4.5.orig.tar.gz swedish-1.4.5

Afterwards, create a new debian directory inside the directory swedish-1.4.5 
and copy the files you already have edited into that directory. Now run 
dpkg-source -b swedish-1.4.5, which should result in a .diff.gz file.

By the way, did you read the Developer's Reference, New Maintainers' Guide, 
and Debian Policy Manual? They are all linked from www.debian.org/devel/, and 
they contain explanations about differences between Debian native packages 
and "normal" packages. I recommend that you read all those documents.

> > > Does this mean I have to become "upstream" for the swedish package?
> > > That is not really a problem, I just want to make sure of my
> > > responsibilities.
> >
> > Yes, exactly. There is no upstream of that package, so you would take
> > over that responsibility as well.
> Okay. I will try and get some native speakers involved - I live in
> Sweden so that should not be so hard. :)

That would be great.


Tobias Toedter   | The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is
Hamburg, Germany | probably the day they start making vacuum cleaners.

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