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Re: RFS: tkgate (updated package)

On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 11:34:37PM +0200, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> Short discription  should not start  with a capital. For  tkgate-doc and
> tkgate-data, you could append something  like " - documentation" and " -
> data files", even if this is obvious from the package name.

> You need  to transform "-" to  "~" (or the  other way) too. You  can use
> "uscan --report --verbose" to check yourself.
Thanks for the tip. Fixed.

> BTW,  there are  still images  generated by  povray: the  splash screen,
> about dialog and  at top right in the main  interface. After reading the
> thread  in  debian-legal, here  is  my  opinion:  source of  images  are
> provided  in the  prefered  form (povray  sources)  and since  resulting
> images are  already shipped,  you don't need  povray to compile  them. I
> would  say  that  DFSG  are  respected  and  the  package  respects  the
> conditions to  be in main.  It is a  pretty weak argumentation  and only
> ftp-master can  tell if they agree with  it or not.
I do agree, but on debian-mentors, many said to remove povray/ folder 
from orig tarball.

And when I emailed ftp-master about it, I got no reply !

> Maybe you should do the following: keep povray sources into orig.tar.gz,
> add a notice about the problem in debian/copyright (e.g "Some images are
> generated using  povray which is  currently not present in  main. Source
> for those images are in  povray/ directory") and upload the package into
> main.  ftp-master will  tell  us if  they  think that  images should  be
> compiled from source with software in main.

Actually the images were hand edited by upstream after povray 

Done, please look at the copyright file.

I uploaded a new version at:

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