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quilt, mq and guilt (was Re: RFS: openjpeg)

Scribit Paul TBBle Hampson dies 31/03/2007 hora 00:58:
> I'm going to have to have a look at quilt. I was under the impression
> that it was a rather complicated patch-management system, used for
> example by Andrew Morton for managing the -mm tree pre git.

quilt is just a must-know IMHO when you deal with patches. Although now
there are better alternatives, inspired by it. There are Mercurial
queues, which is quilt integrated in Mercurial, and its copy for git,
guilt. I never used guilt, but if quilt is a great tool, mq is a
wonderful one!

Not only can you manage efficiently a stack of patches (I even think
it's faster than quilt, and you don't have filenames nightmares as it's
not shell scripts), check wether they apply, refresh them when there's
fuzz, but you can let Mercurial make the book-keeping for you (like
knowing which files were modified, which you have to tell quilt manually
before doing it, for instance) and version control the patches and then,
as it's a DVCS and the version control is done in a separate repository,
it lets you publish your patches.

When working with mq on a project versioned with Mercurial, you can even
trivially prevent Mercurial from pulling upstream changes while you
still have your patches applied.

All in all, it's a real pleasure to use it.

Guilt is meant to provide the same features for git instead of

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