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Re: RFS: openjpeg

Le jeudi 29 mars 2007 18:37, Paul TBBle Hampson a écrit :
> Hmm. I don't actually blindly apply .diff.gz to new upstream versions. I
> usually just copy the debian/ directory across from my old one, inspect
> the .diff.gz for any changes outside the debian/ directory, and consider
> whether they are still needed, and what form they should take.

You have to keep in mind that you will not be the only one to work on your 
package. You cannot assume that you'll maintain them forever, and even if it 
would be the case, there may have NMUs, or security updates that will need 
that another maintainer work on your package. 
According to this, everything that makes your package easier to understand and 
handle for an external maintainer is a good thing, and using patches that 
explain what they do, one for each different purpose *is* a good packaging 

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