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Re: gnome-app-install (super-easy package manager) prototype

On 2006-09-28, Jason Spiro <jasonspiro4+news@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am working on a port of gnome-app-install to Debian. This utility,
> made by the folks at Canonical Inc. and Ubuntu, is like Synaptic, but
> ten times easier to use.
> It currently does the job but does not always quit after an install
> operation is finished. Known issues include internationalization,
> missing icons, the OK button and it currently fails if you try to
> install anything in non-free. (If you try it, it'd be great if you could
> let me know, either here or by email, whether the icons in the
> Popularity column look like little stars or little X-squares. You can
> install it using the following sources.list lines:)
> deb http://www.jspiro.com/files/debian experimental/
> deb-src http://www.jspiro.com/files/debian experimental/

The previous version I released fails to start with a RuntimeError.
Please try the new version. It is now tested on both my machines and
works on both.

 gnome-app-install (0.2.15-2) experimental; urgency=low
   * bug-fix release:
     - fixed datadir defined in /usr/bin/gnome-app-install so that the
       app will run on PCs other than mine
     - added new Recommends: yelp (Gnome help)

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