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Re: gnome-app-install (super-easy package manager) prototype

On 2006-09-28, Adam Cécile (Le_Vert) <gandalf@le-vert.net> wrote:
>> deb http://www.jspiro.com/files/debian experimental/
>> deb-src http://www.jspiro.com/files/debian experimental/
> Why don't you upload it to mentors.debian.net ?

I don't know how to, and I bet the "lftp ftp.example.com -e 'mirror -eR
source target'" command won't work with the site. The command syncs a
directory tree on my PC with a directory tree on the target machine.

>> I am frustrated at the various bugs I'm seeing but I don't want to give
>> up, as I want gnome-app-install to be in Debian. If you would like to
>> finish packaging the app and take over maintainership, I'd be very glad
>> to stop here and explain to you the changes I've made already.
> Don't forgive, if people would have stop each time they thought it's too hard, 
> GNU/Linux would not exists ;-)

You're right :)

> I can help you for the packaging for sure, and maybe for the port. If it's not 
> enough we should run a project @ alioth en try to find some other 
> developpers !

Thank you for your kind offer. I am going to look for somebody in
Toronto (preferably at my school) for now. If I don't find anyone, in a
week or so, please email me; I think I will take you up on your offer.
Where can we host the files? I am on the starter package with my web
hosting company (www.moonbase.info) so I can't SSH in. The company has
FrontPage Extensions installed on all their webservers; does that mean
Subversion will work for the job?

>> I am working from an upstream .tar.gz file from Ubuntu. The upstream
>> tarball includes .pyc files too, not just .py files.  My .diff.gz does
>> not touch the .pyc files when applied to the upstream source. Will this
>> be a problem when people try to apply the .diff?
> Hmmm... Here is what I think. There are two case :
>  * The original apps is only for ubuntu, you had to makes LOTS OF change in it 
> to get it runnng on Debian. Then I would suggest to fork the project, so 
> you'll recreate a new tarball.
>  * The patches are not su huge and you can handle them through dpatch or 
> quilt. Just leave the upstream tarball as it was but DO NOT INSTALL pyc 
> files. (and report the issue to upstream).

I think I will pick #2.


When you open Windows, bugs get in.

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