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gnome-app-install (super-easy package manager) prototype

Hi all,

My question is in the last paragraph of this email.

Progress note:

I am working on a port of gnome-app-install to Debian. This utility,
made by the folks at Canonical Inc. and Ubuntu, is like Synaptic, but
ten times easier to use.

It currently does the job but does not always quit after an install
operation is finished. Known issues include internationalization,
missing icons, the OK button and it currently fails if you try to
install anything in non-free. (If you try it, it'd be great if you could
let me know, either here or by email, whether the icons in the
Popularity column look like little stars or little X-squares. You can
install it using the following sources.list lines:)

deb http://www.jspiro.com/files/debian experimental/
deb-src http://www.jspiro.com/files/debian experimental/

I am frustrated at the various bugs I'm seeing but I don't want to give
up, as I want gnome-app-install to be in Debian. If you would like to
finish packaging the app and take over maintainership, I'd be very glad
to stop here and explain to you the changes I've made already.

Now for my question:

I am working from an upstream .tar.gz file from Ubuntu. The upstream
tarball includes .pyc files too, not just .py files.  My .diff.gz does
not touch the .pyc files when applied to the upstream source. Will this
be a problem when people try to apply the .diff?

Thanks for being here to listen.
Jason Spiro

The church is near but the road is icy; the bar is far away but I will
walk carefully.
                -- Russian Proverb 

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