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Re: RFS: bashish -- Theme environment for text terminals

On Sat, Jul 15, 2006 at 03:50:20PM +0200, Thomas Eriksson wrote:
> However, I am unable to reproduce your errors
> "shell-script-fails-syntax-check", what I'm blindly guessing is that
> lintian complains (rightfully so, albeit sh -n produces no error since
> it is linked to bash :)) that the ksh functions contained therein are
> not syntactically correct according to POSIX sh?

Indeed, Lintian doesn't depend on dash or posh, and will find this problem
only if /bin/sh is one of the pickier shells. 

Actually, since your program can run on a number of shells which
implement common extensions, this raises the question what's the
proper way to mark that.

> My lintian --version reports "Lintian v1.23.22"
> What does your "lintian --version" say?


> Could you check if its lintian clean now?

It is :)

> anyway
> up at sourceforge.net and mentors.debian.net
> Now even more Lintian clean(tm) ;)

And it now works on the console!  Cool!

Just as a note for the other reviewers:

on many terminals, some of bashish themes don't work well, miss some
glyphs, etc.  This kind of things is impossible to detect -- at least
not in any portable or semi-portable way.  And termcap/terminfo are
just bad jokes.

I found only a number of very minor things:

1. a typo:

      Bashish is now removed from your     
      user account. However, it is still   
      availiable system-wide, consult your 
      package manager on how to completely 
      remove Bashish.                      

2. debian/dirs spuriously lists /usr/sbin

3. neither config.guess nor config.sub are used -- you can save
   nearly 10% of your source size by axing them away

Worth fixing in your private tree, but not warranting a new release

Cheers and schtuff,
1KB		// Microsoft corollary to Hanlon's razor:
		//	Never attribute to stupidity what can be
		//	adequately explained by malice.

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