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Re: RFS: bashish -- Theme environment for text terminals

2006/7/15, Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl>:
On Sat, Jul 15, 2006 at 03:50:20PM +0200, Thomas Eriksson wrote:
> However, I am unable to reproduce your errors
> "shell-script-fails-syntax-check", what I'm blindly guessing is that
> lintian complains (rightfully so, albeit sh -n produces no error since
> it is linked to bash :)) that the ksh functions contained therein are
> not syntactically correct according to POSIX sh?

Indeed, Lintian doesn't depend on dash or posh, and will find this problem
only if /bin/sh is one of the pickier shells.

Actually, since your program can run on a number of shells which
implement common extensions, this raises the question what's the
proper way to mark that.

As done with the release, a header with "#!/bin/bash" will probably do.
This header is only present to get color highlighting in joe. The
ksh-compatible files are never called directly and thus imposes no
problem if one would like to use another interpreter.
AFAIK bash is an essential package on Debian, and thus the
"#!/bin/bash" header will work just fine with lintian.

Only files /usr/bin/bashish and the files in $BASHISHDIR/lib/ are
called directly, and their header is created by ./configure

Additionally Bashish does not work on POSIX shells lacking the ksh
extensions anyway.

> Could you check if its lintian clean now?

It is :)

Thanks! :)

> anyway
> up at sourceforge.net and mentors.debian.net
> Now even more Lintian clean(tm) ;)

And it now works on the console!  Cool!

Just as a note for the other reviewers:

on many terminals, some of bashish themes don't work well, miss some
glyphs, etc.  This kind of things is impossible to detect -- at least
not in any portable or semi-portable way.  And termcap/terminfo are
just bad jokes.

Yup, currently most fancy prompts in Bashish are hardcoded in UTF-8

Let's see if I can hack together better 8859-1 support for 2.0.6

I found only a number of very minor things:

1. a typo:

      Bashish is now removed from your
      user account. However, it is still
      availiable system-wide, consult your
      package manager on how to completely
      remove Bashish.

Fixed in next release

2. debian/dirs spuriously lists /usr/sbin

Fixed in next release

3. neither config.guess nor config.sub are used -- you can save
   nearly 10% of your source size by axing them away

Great :)

I really appreciate reviews or bug-reports of Bashish. Having Bashish
in Debian would be really cool, but perhaps there are some features
lacking now.

If no one steps up to sponsor it right away, I'll just regulary upload
packages anyway to http://mentors.debian.net :)


/Thomas Eriksson

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