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Re: RFS: bashish -- Theme environment for text terminals

Adam, first of all, thanks for your review.

2006/7/15, Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl>:
On Fri, Jul 14, 2006 at 11:58:26PM +0200, Thomas Eriksson wrote:
> * Package name    : bashish

> The package is lintian clean.

Bad made homework from my part, I thought Debian and Ubuntu was
sufficently similar.

I've debootstrapped debian sid and tried to adress the issues you pointed out.

That is:

* replace the header for sourced ksh-compatible files to "#!/bin/bash"
* Fix the console colors and removed references to the nonexistant vt100 title
* Fix uninstalling
* Update Debian standards version to 3.7.2

However, I am unable to reproduce your errors
"shell-script-fails-syntax-check", what I'm blindly guessing is that
lintian complains (rightfully so, albeit sh -n produces no error since
it is linked to bash :)) that the ksh functions contained therein are
not syntactically correct according to POSIX sh?
My lintian --version reports "Lintian v1.23.22"
What does your "lintian --version" say?

Could you check if its lintian clean now?

anyway up at sourceforge.net and mentors.debian.net

Now even more Lintian clean(tm) ;)



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