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Re: Naming conventions for mingw32 packages?

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 12:37 +0100, Volker Grabsch wrote:

> They saved a lot of work for me, so I decided to help to improve it.
> Since I'm relatively new to Debian packaging, I need some advice.

Have you asked the mingw32 maintainer about this? They are more likely
to be able to answer your question than this list.

> On the other hand one could get even closer to the original names:
>     libsdl1.2-mingw32-dev
>     libsmpeg-mingw32-dev

I vote for these. I suggest that you do not package the whole of
gnuwin32, as not all packages will be needed. I'd suggest only the ones
people request and ones you personally need.

Also you might want to get the Debian GNU/Win32 project restarted. Now
that there is a free Win32 kernel/implementation (atheos - not sure how
well it works), this might become more feasible/useful.



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