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Re: MinGW cross compiled library packages for Debian

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 13:36 +0100, Volker Grabsch wrote:

> 1) The debian-devel list is too much traffic for me. Do I really
>    have to advertise my plans there?

Not really, however it is courteous to do it, and there are archives. If
you don't like mhonarc archives, there are lurker ones available:


> 2) How should I name my packages?
>    (this question is already covered in my last post)

mingw32-* is a good namespace.

>     3.1) Compiling from upstream sources.

An option, but duplicates source tarballs.

>     3.2) Compiling from debian sources.

You would have to convince each maintainer to add a patch to
cross-compile during the same build run as the normal binaries.

>     3.3) Using precompiled binaries.

I don't think this is a good idea, and would probably get your package
rejected by the ftpmasters.

> Is it possible (and desirable) to produce a "native" and a
> "mingw32" build in parallel? I.e., from the same Debian sources?

Sure, you might need to add some patches GnuWin32 have written.

> but on the other hand, the cross build would profit from all bugfixes
> the Debian maintainer has done for the native build.

Some/many of those would be Debian specific and not useful on Win32.

I suggest instead of adding packages to Debian, that you make it easy to
install GnuWin32 packages under Debian so the Debian mingw32 packages
can easily use them. This way you do not have to duplicate the porting
and patching that GnuWin32 people are doing. There is also the problem
that you will be directly supporting a non-free software platform, so
making GnuWin32 packages easy to install (with a package in contrib) is
likely to be more acceptable to the Debian community than directly
putting cross-compiled apps/libs into Debian.

> In combination with the packages nsis, zip and upx, one could produce a
> Windows port with binary-zipfile, self containing installer-exe, etc.
> without even touching any propritary operating system.

That is why I packaged nsis, needed it for some software I'm upstream

> Probably one could even try to port WIX to Debian, to produce *.msi
> (Windows installer) files. That's the big plan. :-)

Hmm, is the CPL DFSG-free? Perhaps consult debian-legal.



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