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Re: Proposal for collaborative maintenance of packages

Em Sex, 2005-12-30 às 14:12 +1100, skaller escreveu:
> On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 19:12 -0200, Guilherme de S. Pastore wrote:
> > Even then, do you think you are ready to upload a package to the Debian
> > archive? 
> Mine, yes. I know more about it than anyone else

You may know about the software itself more than anyone else, but
packaging skills also count here, and it is them I am referring to.

> Particularly if the uploads I made went to a repository
> for such MUP packages, and needed a DD to move it on

It is just the same as uploading the package to your own repository and
asking your sponsor to check the package and upload it for you.

>  -- at least
> I would have more confidence everything was working when asking
> for it to be moved on, and, feel less hassled about asking
> for that to be done, since I'd have the lintian/autobuilder
> output to verify it was clean -- at least as seen by
> automated tools.

I am afraid to tell you the news that you can run lintian on your
packages on your own machine with a single command, and that you do not
need an autobuilder to check if your build-dependencies and such are
correct. Have you ever heard about pbuilder and piuparts? People who
have gone through the NM process certainly have.

> > Would you trust Debian enough to install it on your machine and
> > any other machine that may require any degree of trust if there were
> > people with upload privileges that have not had their skills checked to
> > a bare minimum?
> No.

So where is your brilliant idea of letting almost anyone upload packages
after some minimum registration procedures?

> Would you not trust my DD to check *my* skills at maintaining
> a few lines of Debian packaging script which wraps
> the package of which I'm the upstream author?

First, decide on what your arguments are. Is it a complex package that
requires a lot of work from the maintainer or are these just some few
lines? You have used both in your last message.

Secondly, that is exactly what a sponsored maintainer does. There are
several upstream authors maintaining their packages inside Debian with
the help with an experienced developer who checks the package, builds it
and uploads it: it is called sponsoring.

I really advise you to get to know a bit more about Debian and its
internals before trying to come up with any more solutions.

Guilherme de S. Pastore (fatalerror)

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