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Re: Proposal for collaborative maintenance of packages

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> I'm going to dip my spoon into this soup, because I dislike soup, and
> this one especially irks me.

Even ice cream soup?

> Reviewing other people's patches in large quantities every day is
> something that few people will be happy to do for more than a few
> days. After that, they'll figure out that they could be doing
> something else, like developing their own software and have someone
> else do all the boring, tedious work.

.. or giving the patcher a svn commit bit. I tend to do it after 3 or
four good patches and a little conversation with most of my packages
(and with d-i). Because you're right, there are more interesting things
to do than merging patches.. including reading the commit logs of
everyone whom I've given commit bits to. ;-)

If the patcher is an upstream author of the software in question, I'd
pretty much give them a commit bit automatically. However, that in
practice rarely happens, I find it more effective to communicate with
the upstream, make sure we have a procedure in place to let me know
whenever they have a release, and make sure that I am packaging the
right releases at the right time. I feel this is my responsibilty as a
Debian developer, and if I can't keep up with it it's best to find
someone else to maintain that package.

see shy jo

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