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Re: Proposal for collaborative maintenance of packages

Em Sex, 2005-12-30 às 05:08 +1100, skaller escreveu:
> I'm an outsider, I'm giving my impression of the process
> to insiders that cannot see what I do from the outside
> (as both a user and software developer).

Do not forget that people are not born with their Debian accounts and
that they have been outsiders once, some even got their accounts pretty
recently, and they usually have a fair idea of how it works.

> > A good, productive way would be to motivate more people to sponsor
> > packages for people, and to help them learn to do packaging better.
> No. My point is that this is NOT a good way.

So come up with a better way and show it to everybody, please.

> I have learned how Debian packaging is done --
> not very well, but I did build my own package.

Don't you think that is a pretty good reason not to let everyone upload
their packages? That is exactly one of the points of sponsorship and the
NM process, and is necessary if Debian is to take Quality Assurance

> I really get angry when people are incapable of accepting
> criticism ..

There are various ways of criticizing someone or something; some are
nice and productive, generate good results and are very easy to accept,
some are not...

Guilherme de S. Pastore (fatalerror)

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