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Re: Proposal for collaborative maintenance of packages

Em Sex, 2005-12-30 às 07:56 +1100, skaller escreveu:
> > So come up with a better way and show it to everybody, please.
> I'm trying. Don't expect a complete working plan though!

So don't act as if it were a complete working and flawless plan, please.
Debian has also been trying to come up with something ideal for several
years now, and while it is not perfect, it at least assures a certain
level of reliability for the system.

> > > I have learned how Debian packaging is done --
> > > not very well, but I did build my own package.
> > 
> > Don't you think that is a pretty good reason not to let everyone upload
> > their packages? 
> OK. So 'not everyone'. Wikipedia was an extreme
> example.

Even then, do you think you are ready to upload a package to the Debian
archive? Would you trust Debian enough to install it on your machine and
any other machine that may require any degree of trust if there were
people with upload privileges that have not had their skills checked to
a bare minimum?

> How about someone who is regularly maintaining just
> one or two packages? They're committed to Debian and to the
> package -- but they're not as committed to Debian as a DD.

People usually maintain the packages they have interest in, and as many
of those as they want. If it is not maintaining but uploading for other
people, as people have told you before, you cannot expect that there is
someone (or many people, as your suggestion requires) willing to do only
the uninteresting job. If you argue that it is not *only* that, then it
is no different from the sponsorship program. I have not tried to come
up with some serious numbers, but I assume that if every developer
sponsored two packages, we would cover all the current sponsorees and
probably many more.

> Diplomacy is not my strong point. And sometime niceness
> just doesn't work as well as stirring up a hornets nest :)

Stirring up a hornet nest will only get the hornets furious with you and
will not result in any good besides your getting hurt.

Guilherme de S. Pastore (fatalerror)

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