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Re: RFS: swftools - a collection of tools for SWF file manipulation

On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 06:11:36PM +0200, Simo Kauppi wrote:
> * Package name     : swftools
>   Version          : 0.7.0
>   Upstream Author  : Matthias Kramm, Rainer Böhme, De Clarke
> * URL              : http://www.swftools.org/
> * License          : GPL
>   Description      : Collection of utilities for SWF file
>                      manipulation/creation
>   SWF Tools is a collection of SWF (Flash) manipulation and creation
>   utilities.
>   This version of swftools is compiled without the L.A.M.E support to
>   comply with the DFSG.
>   This package includes: pdf2swf, jpeg2swf, png2swf, gif2swf, font2swf,
>   swfcombine, swfextract, swfdump, swfstrings, swfbbox and swfc.
>   * pdf2swf is a PDF to SWF Converter. It generates one frame per page and
>     enables you to have fully formatted text, including tables, formulas etc.
>     inside your Flash Movie. It's based on the xpdf PDF parser from
>     Derek B. Noonburg.
>   * jpeg2swf takes one or more JPEG pictures and generates an SWF slideshow.
>   * png2swf takes one or more PNG pictures and generates an SWF slideshow.
>   * gif2swf converts GIFs into SWF. It is also able to handle animated gifs.
>   * font2swf converts font files (TTF, Type1) into SWF.
>   * swfcombine is a tool for inserting SWFs into Wrapper SWFs. (Templates)
>     E.g. for including the pdf2swf SWFs into some sort of Browsing-SWF.
>   * swfextract allows to extract Movieclips, Sounds, Images etc. from SWF
>     files.
>   * swfdump prints out various informations about SWFs.
>   * swfstrings scans SWFs for text data.
>   * swfbbox allows to readjust SWF bounding boxes.
>   * swfc is a tool for creating SWF files from simple script files.
> ITP BTS #187275
> The package can be downloaded from:
> http://www.iki.fi/simppa/debian-swftools/

Yet another upload. This time it uses dpatch.

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