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Re: [RFC/RFS] adm8211-source - driver for ADMtek wifi card

On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 20:42 -0400, Jean-Marc Ranger wrote:

> I plan to keep a single changelog entry until package is "officially" 
> issued.  Is this ok ?  As a side effect, using -v wouldn't be required.

This is ok, but, I don't think mentors.debian.net allows you to
re-upload the same version.

> > In line with the developers reference, I recommend you change the last
> > two lines of debian/control to this:
> > 
> >  Homepage: http://aluminum.sourmilk.net/adm8211/
> OK.  Just to be sure:  the example that developers-reference points to 
> (docbook-dsssl) isn't using the same syntax that what the document says 
> (Home page instead of Homepage) - do I report bug on 
> developers-reference (pick another sample which does what is 
> recommended), docbook-dsssl (non-compliance to recommendation) or both ?

Its not a bug to deviate from the developers reference, since it is just
a best-practices document. I'd guess that there probably isn't much
point fixing this, but it should be fixed in the developers reference if

> > Standards-Version is only 3 numbers - 1.2.3.X releases are all
> > compatible - only minor changes like typos/etc.
> Ok.  Wishlist bug to lintian so it gets checked ?  It wasn't my idea...

Yeah, that is a good idea.

> > Personally, I think there needs to be /usr/share/modass/compliant.list.d
> > - you may want to file a wishlist bug about this against m-a (in
> > addition to one asking for adding adm8211-source
> > to /usr/share/modass/compliant.list)
> I agree that issuing a bug on another package isn't the shortest path, 
> bug I don't get the "how" part (compliant.list.d).  Could you please 
> link to documentation somewhere or explain your idea ?

Well, in debian there is a tradition of for each config file, there is
an equivalent .d directory that can be used by packages other than the
one that installs the config file. For example /etc/logrotate.conf
and /etc/logrotate.d. I'm just extending this idea to the
module-assistant compliant.list so that packages don't have to request
to be added to the list before they can be built with m-a.



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