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Re: Please take a look over aspell-ro_0.50-2-1

On 10/5/05, Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org> wrote:
> Christoph Berg <myon@debian.org> writes:
> > Re: Eddy Petrişor in <60381eeb0510050229x1f2d0f96sd1a905f8c44e16cd@mail.gmail.com>
> >> Could somebody take a look over it and tell me if I need to make any
> >> changes before I list it on sponsors.d.n ?
> >
> > changelog:
> >  remove the [ ] part


> >  get an ITP and insert it here

not done yet, as I want to have the package fully prepared, then I
want to upload it.

> > control:
> >  old Standards-Version

bumped, no change needed

> >  you might want to use the new "Archticture: all" packaging variant,
> >  see for example #319675, otherwise you need to Provides:
> >  aspell6-dictionary
> aspell6a-dictionary, actually (dictionary file locations moved after the
> sarge release).

so I need either "Architecture: all" or Provides: aspell6a-dictionary ?

I looked over the bug specified, but there are some unclear things to
me. How should I provide a gzipped version or the word list? If I gzip
it before packaging then the diff.gz will be huge, right? (As the
original package does not have a compressed word list.)

(Will get to the next ones when I arrive at home.)

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