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Re: [RFC/RFS] adm8211-source - driver for ADMtek wifi card

Thanks for all these comments. It's always a great feeling to discover that someone took time to look at what you did - even if to report that you did a lot of stupid things :)

I took them seriously, so I'll report everything that I noticed while doing so. Please don't get me wrong - I'm just trying to figure out how things work - and fix little quirks I find while doing so.

debian/changelog - add (Closes: #333237) - when someone sponsors the
upload, make sure they build the package with the "-v 0.0.20050620-1"
option to debuild/dpkg-buildpackage. That way all the changlog entries
will be included in the upload and your ITP bug will be closed.
I plan to keep a single changelog entry until package is "officially" issued. Is this ok ? As a side effect, using -v wouldn't be required.

In line with the developers reference, I recommend you change the last
two lines of debian/control to this:

 Homepage: http://aluminum.sourmilk.net/adm8211/
OK. Just to be sure: the example that developers-reference points to (docbook-dsssl) isn't using the same syntax that what the document says (Home page instead of Homepage) - do I report bug on developers-reference (pick another sample which does what is recommended), docbook-dsssl (non-compliance to recommendation) or both ?

Standards-Version is only 3 numbers - 1.2.3.X releases are all
compatible - only minor changes like typos/etc.
Ok.  Wishlist bug to lintian so it gets checked ?  It wasn't my idea...

Depends: hotplug - hmm, this is tricky, since hotplug is being replaced
by udev right now - check the debian-devel archives for more
I'll have to investigate more on that one. I get the point, but I'm not sure what I'll do. I tried without and it doesn't work, but I didn't tried with udev yet. Suggestions welcome !

debian/copyright: I would make some stylistic changes:
Changed copyright entries and removed FSF address.  OK.

debian/docs: INSTALL and NOTES-FC2 probably aren't relevant.
OK. I'm always reluctant to trash documentation, especially on source packages, but I think you're right. I'll scan and adjust README.Debian if required.

debian/README.Debian: I don't see any README file in the source package,
is it generated at build time or something?
It's a typo.  Was fixed in the upload that was tested against Sid last week.

debian/README.Debian: AFAIK, module assistant does all the unpacking, no
need to put the cd/tar
Tested, and you're right.  I'll update.

debian/rules: Lots of sponsors like it if you remove commedted out dh_*
lines because it makes the rules file look cleaner and is more readable.

Trying to build the modules failed for me, I think you have to get
adm8211 registered in the module-assistant package:
Noticed too when testing against Sid. I still need to figure out the details about what being compliant means before requesting the change in m-a.

Personally, I think there needs to be /usr/share/modass/compliant.list.d
- you may want to file a wishlist bug about this against m-a (in
addition to one asking for adding adm8211-source
to /usr/share/modass/compliant.list)
I agree that issuing a bug on another package isn't the shortest path, bug I don't get the "how" part (compliant.list.d). Could you please link to documentation somewhere or explain your idea ?

Don't forget to check your package with lintian and linda:
This is a dumb rookie mistake. Was clean against Sarge and forgot to re-check. I feel so bad !!!

W: adm8211-source: package-contains-upstream-install-documentation usr/share/doc/adm8211-source/INSTALL
Already discussed above

E: adm8211-source: old-fsf-address-in-copyright-file
I'll file bug reports against developers-reference and debian-policy, since (at least) those documents weren't updated. See:

Here is a useful ~/.devscripts file:
export DEBUILD_LINDA=yes
Thanks !!!

I still have to prepare and upload a fixed package. I'll post again when it's ready.


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